Dec 20, 2012

Realities as I See Them

1. The camera on my iPhone 4s is a fine substitute for a dedicated camera. One has to make a conscious decision to bring the dedicated camera, but the iPhone is always in my pocket (unless I forgot my phone). And it makes really good quality photos. I always leave the flash off and it still does a great job. And with the Dropbox app and a working WIFI connection, those photos can immediately upload to the cloud and be available for blogging in minutes.

2. My Pentax (one of the smallest, lightest, DSLR's available) still takes better low-light photos, has zero shutter lag, and starts up in about a half-second (making it the quick-draw winner), but the lens that gives it that superior low-light capability is also the working equivalent of a 100 MM fixed lens, making it unsuitable for group shots of people and other shots requiring a wide field of view. In those situations, the iPhone comes to the rescue.

3. The cable TV packages here in Thai hotels often show the same shows I find myself watching back home in the USA, but WITHOUT 5 MINUTES of COMMERCIALS EVERY 7 MINUTES that the US versions have -- and I'll remind you -- this is advertising that Americans are already PAYING TO WATCH. Why can't I see a show with limited advertising back home?

4. Thai TV has one of those reality shows similar to the car/motorcycle restore/customize shows I gravitate toward back home, but these guys also restore/customize  BICYCLES.  How cool is that? Why can't I have a show like that back home?

5. The cable TV packages here actually have 24/7 programing. No infomercial bombast on all but 2 or 3 channels during the graveyard hours like back home. Why can't I have actual programming (like I paid for) back home?

6. Sidewalks and Streets are never wide enough.


Nancy Meredith said...

Thanks for sharing your Thailand trip with us. Thailand has long been on my list of places to vist, and after reading your posts more so than ever.

robbo said...

I'd go nuts without this internet connection.

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